Hand holds a mobile phone with a laptop in the background

Media and Research Planning

We had a meeting with our privacy commission team who is providing us some advice on our recommendations to improve data systems and processes for people disability.

We then had a meeting with our Director as well as the managers of our media and communications team. They were providing us some advice on my publication that is scheduled to come out soon. We also looked at the forward planning for publications being released by the rest of our team. I had to do quite a bit of follow up, including our schedule and timeframes to move publications around.

The rest of the day was spent mostly prepping for the next two weeks. We’re ramping up activities to get ready for our online experiment. There’s quite a lot to do in terms of planning our methods and the questions we’ll ask. There’s also our ethics application, plus writing our trial protocol. Everything needs to happen in a really rapid and constrained timeframe. Wish us luck!

A report on my Easter bonnet for our team meeting! Our entire team got dressed up. My creation was the best I could do in five inutes before the team meeting. I was going for a Carmen Miranda vibe without any plastic fruit, given I don’t have any. I drew on a 1950s headwrap inspired look.

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