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How to Communicate Effectively for Behavioural Change

Usually, when we create communications in Western societies, we’re used to telling a story. When you get an email, for example, it usually follows a narrative format. Evidence from behavioural insights actually shows us that this format, while highly familiar, very rarely shifts behaviour.

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Work as a Social Science Consultant

From Melbourne to Adelaide to Canberra and now Sydney. A career beyond academia leads to diverse experiences, and the work will likely take you to places you may not have expected. Learn more about what it was life for me as a social science consultant in this two-part series.

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Why the Media Gets Social Science So Wrong

June 2014 was a bad month for media stories about social science. First, a study examined how gendered expectations affect the public’s interpretation of severe weather warnings about hurricanes. Second, a story rebounded around the world that wrongly associated domestic violence to marital status.

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Thoughts on ‘2011: A good year to be gay’

Aaron Hicklin, editor-in-chief of Out magazine, recently celebrated the progress made on the depiction of ‘gay culture’ in American TV shows. He writes in The Guardian: In many ways the transformation of attitudes has been ongoing for decades, accelerated in large part by the impact of Aids, which reconfigured gay identity around community and relationships. In TV shows such as Glee and Modern Family, gays are no longer comic stooges or punchlines, their relationships treated with the same respect as those of their straight counterparts. They hold hands, they kiss, they even share the same bed. This was a quantum … Continue reading Thoughts on ‘2011: A good year to be gay’