Mug in the foreground with a laptop showing many blurred faces in an online meeting

Online Workshops

I attended the committee meeting for our research grants and it went really well. It was a three-hour meeting. It was interesting to do it online, as it was very intense but it was a great workshop with great people.

We also had another meeting for our project team on our disability project. We’ve made some progress. We are exploring doing an online panel to test some of our message frames. It will be exciting for us to do an online experiment as well our randomised control trial.

I then had a whole bunch of catching up on admin, checking in with project stakeholders, and providing feedback to our director on some of our activities.

As part of our team meeting tomorrow we have to wear an Easter bonnet. I need to do the hat at night. I’m so tired that I don’t feel creative or inspired. Help!

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