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Website and Graphic Design in Applied Research

I’ve been away a long time and I wanted to restart my series on A Day in Applied Sociology, to shed light on what it’s like to be an applied sociologist. First, I wanted to show you how I manage my public sociology with my paid work. Second, I wanted to reflect on what it’s like learning website and graphic design for business, research and social policy audiences.

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Preparing for an Executive Presentation

Quite a lot do, and yet the day ended up not working out quite the way I planned. I had some leave planned from 12:30pm leading into a long weekend. I started off with a meeting that went longer than scheduled, but it was very productive. We’re trying to finalise the message frames that we’re thinking of testing in our online experiment.

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Stack of papers and reports

Grant Reviews for Social Policy

I have been working on my reviews for a research grant committee that I sit on. I spent one day reading all the applications and then updated my notes. For now, it’s about making them presentable for the rest of the panel. Obviously, I like to give useful and constructive feedback to applicants.

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A young Black woman wears a COVID-19 face mask

Rapid Public Health Response

A very hectic and long couple of days! In the morning, we were all pulled into give some advice about improving services during the COVID-19 public health outbreak. It was really valuable work to which our entire team contributed. The results were amazing. But it did disrupt my day’s schedule.

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Disability parking sign on the road, showing a picture of a wheelchair

Workplace Adjustments During COVID-19

I mostly worked on my project to improve outcomes of people with disability in the workplace. This included acting on some of the recommendations that came from some meetings I attended last week. I also put together a survey for testing some of the message frames that we could use to improve take up of training on disability inclusion.

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