Interview on My Sociological Practice

I’ve been interviewed for the Lady Science podcast. I talk about what sociology is, my career as an applied sociologist, and how Indigenous and other minority sociologists continue to challenge Western and colonial methods and ideas in sociology and in social policy.

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A white woman wearing glasses is smiling as another person talks to them. She has her laptop open

Women in technology

Tech is the single biggest industry employer of men in Australia, but women only make up a quarter of this workforce. Companies invest big in the latest technologies to stay ahead of the game. Why don’t they invest in minorities and White women in the same way?

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Ending Sexual Harassment

Last weekend, I gave a talk on “Ending Sexual Harassment in Science, Technology and Maths (STEM) and Academia,” at Kiwi Foo, in Auckland, New Zealand. The discussion was really wonderful, with many thoughful stories shared about experiences of harassment and how to take collective action. In particular, we talked about how men can be better allies to women and femmes.

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