Stack of papers and reports

Grant Reviews for Social Policy

I have been working on my reviews for a research grant committee that I sit on. I spent one day reading all the applications and then updated my notes. For now, it’s about making them presentable for the rest of the panel. Obviously, I like to give useful and constructive feedback to applicants.

It took a second solid day to finish off my grant reviews. We had nine applications in this round (over 20 last round). There were multiple appendices for budgets, milestones and project logic, plus all the other usual things that are involved in this process. Our committee meets tomorrow.

Also coming up is an online workshop that I’m delivering.

There’s been much back and forth with our media team on some of our research publications that taking a bit of a back seat because our organisation is more focused on our public health communications. A lot of discusssion with my Director as well, as we’re just finishing off three of my research reports. That’s been quite a bit of work getting ready, but her feedback was great. It was nice touching base with her, as we rarely see each other.

The rest of the day was a whole bunch of admin and catching up with some of my stakeholders. We also had a quick social catch up with our team, which we do twice a week. It’s a voluntary lunchtime event where we can just chit chat and have a bit of fun and talk about stuff that’s not work.

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