A young Black woman wears a COVID-19 face mask

Rapid Public Health Response

A very hectic and long couple of days! In the morning, we were all pulled into give some advice about improving services during the COVID-19 public health outbreak. It was really valuable work to which our entire team contributed. The results were amazing. But it did disrupt my day’s schedule.

For the rest of the day, I mostly went through my final proofs and revisions for multiple reports and presentations that are coming up. It usually takes a couple of weeks for minimum level of approval. One of my latest reports is also going to other agencies, so it’s a very long process toward publication.

The next day turned out to be pretty similar. I started off with responding to my Director’s revisions for one report, which she provided in the morning. We had a quick Skype meeting to clarify the way forward for my project on people disability, which was really great.

We then were asked to give some feedback for our colleagues, who were doing a survey on understandings of public health data and other information on the public health outbreak. That was very important and unexpected. With the pandemic, the pace of work is incredibly swift. We end up having to move our day around to meet new responsibilities that come up with urgency.

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