Disability parking sign on the road, showing a picture of a wheelchair

Workplace Adjustments During COVID-19

I mostly worked on my project to improve outcomes of people with disability in the workplace. This included acting on some of the recommendations that came from some meetings I attended last week. I also put together a survey for testing some of the message frames that we could use to improve take up of training on disability inclusion.

We also looking at how to best manage workplace adjustments for our workforce because people suddenly had to leave work at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With all staff in our sector now working from home, their adjustments may not be properly implemented.

On a completely separate and more frivolous note, I previously mentioned that I ran a poll on Instagram about how my followers are dressing since many people are working from home. Most said they are dressing more casually; two people said they dressed the same as before; and two people said that they had adopted a completely differently style.

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