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Communication and Celebration

In between the trial work I shared with you last time, I’ve also been doing other work, of course, mostly on our communications.

Yesterday was quite a big day for our communications. I co-manage this with our Director. I sent our Director our analytics on how our newsletters are performing, as well as our click rates for our blog posts and our reports. I additinally did our forward planning for our communications, since we’ve had to move things around under the current lockdown. I redid our publications schedule and sent it off for review by our Director.

I also liaised with a couple of our colleagues who were going to be doing some external media articles for us. I then wrote and revised our newsletter which also went for review to our Director. She sent me her requested changes. I actioned these, and finally scheduled our newsletter for publication today.

There’s been other bits and pieces like reviewing and revising Minutes for our committee, which included a whole heap of admin.

We ended the day with a social event for one of our team members who’s leaving the team. The goodbye party was online, of course, given we’re still in quarantine. We were supposed to get dressed up and drink alcohol (‘quaran-tinis’), but I did neither. I am so exhausted that I didn’t have time change my clothes and I don’t really drink alcohol. It was still nice to see everyone. We individually recorded a goodbye video in front of a native tree (our colleague who’s leaving leads our enviromental projects). The short videos were edited together and everyone made such a big effort to be entertaining. It was lovely.

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