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Website and Graphic Design in Applied Research

I’ve been away a long time and I wanted to restart my series on A Day in Applied Sociology, to shed light on what it’s like to be an applied sociologist. First, I wanted to show you how I manage my public sociology with my paid work. Second, I wanted to reflect on what it’s like learning website and graphic design for business, research and social policy audiences.

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Preparing for an Executive Presentation

Quite a lot do, and yet the day ended up not working out quite the way I planned. I had some leave planned from 12:30pm leading into a long weekend. I started off with a meeting that went longer than scheduled, but it was very productive. We’re trying to finalise the message frames that we’re thinking of testing in our online experiment.

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Workplace Adjustments During COVID-19

I mostly worked on my project to improve outcomes of people with disability in the workplace. This included acting on some of the recommendations that came from some meetings I attended last week. I also put together a survey for testing some of the message frames that we could use to improve take up of training on disability inclusion.

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Social Networks at Work

People’s social relationships are organised in clusters – groups of individuals who are connected together, who share norms and values, and who exchange information.

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Strengthening Interdisciplinary Teams

I have worked in both interdisciplinary teams where everyone’s skills and knowledge were fused into new technologies, and I’ve also worked in multidisciplinary teams where everyone carried out their specialist jobs whilst working towards a common goal. In both settings, our teams tried and failed with different engagement styles because of our education and training gave us different perspectives, and our personalities and modes of interaction were so different. Today, I want to share one specific strategy that worked well in increasing positive interdisciplinary collaboration.

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