A Brown South Asian woman holds up a piece of broken mirror over her face that shows her reflection

Presentation of self and remote work

I was talking with colleagues today about working from home and how we dress. This came up because they commented I am still dressing like I usually would – very bright and colourful and still accessorising. They thought this was strange and, curiously, needed me to know. It got me thinking about how different people have distinct relationships to their bodies and their ‘presentation of self,’ as we say in sociology.

Some people feel like ‘dressing up’ is for other people. I dress for myself and what makes me happy. Research finds that people essentially recreate their offline personas online, even when they’re interacting anonymously (but they edit some aspects of themselves out, while emphasising other facets of their offline selves).

I put up a poll on my Instagram to see how my followers feel about dressing whilst working from home.

On the work front, it’s been another hectic week!

Our team is collaborating on improving compliance with public health behaviours.

Also working on our randomised control trial on how to increase disability inclusion and awareness.

I’ve also been working to keep our public communications running. With the heavy news cycle on the pandemic, we’re still trying to publish some of our other work. We’ll see how that goes!

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