Protesters in Sydney. One woman wears a cape and holds a sign that reads: Social Scientist - I change opinions

Work as a Social Science Consultant

From Melbourne to Adelaide to Canberra and now Sydney. A career beyond academia leads to diverse experiences, and the work will likely take you to places you may not have expected. Learn more about what it was life for me as a social science consultant in this two-part series.

Women and minorities are underrepresented in the research workplace. Often, when they do break through, they can find a culture that is quite regressive, a paradox that sits at the cutting edge of research. To find out more about these issues and the “sociology of work”, we spoke to Dr. Zuleyka Zevallos, an Applied Sociologist from Australia. Zuleyka runs her own consultancy firm helping organisations get to grips with diversity issues in the workplace. Read more at Mendeley Careers.

Part 2: Sociology at Work

The career path for a research graduate rarely runs smoothly. There are diversions which can lead to new destinations that a researcher never considered when beginning their studies. To get further insight into this journey and the transitions that can occur along the way, we continued our discussion with Dr. Zuleyka Zevallos, an Applied Sociologist from Australia. Zuleyka started her own business, Social Science Insights, after a time working within academia. Read more at Mendeley Careers.

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