Protesters in Sydney. One woman wears a cape and holds a sign that reads: Social Scientist - I change opinions

Work as a Social Science Consultant

From Melbourne to Adelaide to Canberra and now Sydney. A career beyond academia leads to diverse experiences, and the work will likely take you to places you may not have expected. Learn more about what it was life for me as a social science consultant in this two-part series.

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New Zealand Visit

My trip to New Zealand Aotearoa was lovely. I was a guest of the Women in Science group, the New Zealand Association of Scientists and various other partner and sponsor agencies. In Wellington, I gave a talk about gender equity and diversity. I discussed how intersectionality can be used in various national models of change, to increase the number of minorities and White women in leadership positions. I also addressed some considerations for creating a more inclusive research culture that draws leadership from Indigenous scientists. I then joined a panel of distinguished academics to further discuss diversity in the local … Continue reading New Zealand Visit

Bright circles background with word tiles on the top, which spell: Autism

Autism Research Discussion

I’m one of the moderators for Science on Google+. I curate the social science stream. Our community is co-hosting a discussion on autism research live on air, in around an hour’s time (2pm Australian time or 10pm USA EST or 3am UTC/GMT). Our co-host partner is Autism Brainstorm, a research-led community of practice that puts families in touch with experts and resources of support.

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