Harmony day

People walk across Martin Place, Sydney. In the background, people sit on stairs painted in the rainbow flag

I was one of the speakers at a recent Harmony Day event today.

I spoke about how being a migrant woman influences my research and sense of social justice in my work to the present day. I also talked about the diversity of Australian society. I noted that despite our rhetoric of multiculturalism and harmony, racism is a daily occurrence for many migrants.

I gave some tips on how to overcome bystander bias in the face of racism (this is a concept showing how most people don’t take action if they’re in an emergency in public places, because they think other people will do something). I also raised some questions about how we can increase racial inclusion through co-designing policy with minority communities.

The other speakers were wonderful. They shared courageous personal stories and asked thought-provoking questions for the audience to ponder. The event also hosted Indian and African dance groups.

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