Close up of a surgical face mask. In the background is a white woman who is stretching the mask taut

Public Health Trial in the Field

All of my waking hours are dominated by our public health randomised control trial, which is currently in the field.

It started two weeks ago with seven days of “business as usual” data collection. That is, we measured what happens at health clinics where things are routinely running as they normally would, prior to our involvement. Last week, we introduced the behavioural intervention, where we’re testing our behavioural insights. That is, a way of changing behaviour to improve outcomes using behavioural science evidence. Our intervention is in multiple languages, and we’re also collecting data in multiple languages.

This is week two of four of our behavioural intervention. It’s a very complex change of processes to try and influence behavioural outcomes.

It’s been long days, long nights, weekend work, for these past couple of months.

It’s really exciting to see all that data starting to come through and to see the fruits of our labour.

Despite this massive trial, I still have to fit in other work.


We’ve been developing another two cyber security trials.

Last week, we ran a workshop with our colleagues who may eventually lead their own randomised control trial with our support to improve cyber security awareness.

We’re separately developing another trial that our team will lead to improve cyber security safety.

That’s three trials under my belt concurrently. They’re all exciting projects, but I’m exhausted.


This week will be the first time I’ve had any time off for the last few weeks and months since I came back from medical leave.

Excited to have the rest of the week off and also my first weekend to myself, in a very along time.

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