Close up of clinician's gloved hands doing a COVID-19 test with a long instrument

Public Health Trial

It’s been a while! I’ve been working long hours the past couple of months. These last few weeks, I’ve been up until 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and working on the weekends. But it’s all been worth it because our randomised control trial to address COVID-19 behaviours is being launched on Monday!

We’ve already been capturing some benchmarking data for the past week and a half. On Monday, we launch the test of our behavioural intervention. Our trial goes for four weeks.

It’s a really exciting trial because we’re testing something that’s never been tried before, and in multiple languages. We’re collecting our data in the multiple languages. That’s new for us and all of our partners in the trial. It’s a positive step in public health to address multilingual communities.

Collecting de-identifed data for this project is a complicated process. The dataset is huge.

As with everything else during COVID, it’s been a challenge to train very busy health professionals on how to deliver our intervention. They are always running around from one site to another, and their jobs are difficult. To get 30 minutes with them is a stretch, let alone multiple people from multiple sites, has been a triumph. It’s a big investment for our partners to train their people to deliver our behavioural intervention.

To do all this virtually has been interesting, especialy given our rapid timeframe. Staff have been positive and wonderful. Everyone’s excited about the trial.

New cyber beginnings

Alongside getting that trial off the ground, I’ve been busy inducting our intern who started with us a aroudn three weeks ago.

I’m also scoping another randomised control trial. I’ve been chatting with a colleague I worked with over 15 years ago, to see how we might apply novel methodologies for cyber security. Watch this space in the coming months!

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