Enriching Early Learning

Enriching Early Learning

Developmental psychologist, Alison Gopnik, shows the value of social science in improving early education programs:

_”Research in sociology and economics has shown empirically just how significant the consequences of early experience actually can be. The small variations in middle-class “parenting” make very little difference. But providing high-quality early childhood care to children who would otherwise not receive it makes an enormous and continuing difference up through adulthood. In fact, the evidence suggests that this isn’t just a matter of teaching children particular skills or kinds of knowledge—a sort of broader institutional version of ‘parenting.’ Instead, children who have a stable, nurturing, varied early environment thrive in a wide range of ways, from better health to less crime to more successful marriages.”

Photo: Carf via Flickr. Quote: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2014/02/11/brockman-what-should-we-be-worried-about/ #sociology #socialscience #economics #psychology

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