Ageing and Stereotypes

Professor Bill Von Hippel, psychologist, finds that older people rely more on stereotypes to make decisions which can make them more inflexible to new ideas and to changes. “A lot of research shows that older adults suffer losses in their ability to inhibit unwanted thoughts.” Mornings can be a better time for making new decisions for older adults as they are more alert and therfore open minded when drawing on stereotypes.

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Close up of two people with outstretched hands touching

Social Science of Helping Others

Sociology and psychology studies show that supporting people by complementing their knowledge and talents has better outcomes in comparison to times when we impose our help upon others. This applies with parenting, between couples, and in times of conflict involving strangers.

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Rethinking motivations for paid work

Psychologist, Prof Barry Schwartz, argues that paid work can be more meaningful for both blue and white collar workers when we rethink what motivates our paid labour. “Our theories about human nature are much more inventions about who people are, than they are discoveries of what people are.” Continue reading Rethinking motivations for paid work