Cognitive Capital of Click Farm Workers

How do we better support “click farm” workers of the online economy? Click farm workers are paid to generate clicks and “likes” on webpages and they otherwise drive traffic to particular websites or social media posts. They are currently located in impoverished areas, especially in developing regions. Their pay is very low and the conditions under which they work are exploitative.

Economics Professor Yann Moulier Boutang argues we should draw on the concept of cognitive capital when thinking about the importance of these workers to the new digital economy. This term refers to the collective knowledge and income drawn from click worker’s online cooperation.

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Culture is Important in Capitalist Business

“Even at the heart of capitalist business, culture is important. A purely strategic approach isn’t sustainable.” In “Solidarity in Strategy, ” Dr Lyn Spillman shows that business is not purely about self interest and profit. Business networks are driven to success through collaboration. Civic action and working towards the common good have taken on new meaning in the market. This is why an understanding of social and cultural relationships is central to economic progress. Continue reading “Culture is Important in Capitalist Business”