Interview on My Sociological Practice

I’ve been interviewed for the Lady Science podcast. I talk about what sociology is, my career as an applied sociologist, and how Indigenous and other minority sociologists continue to challenge Western and colonial methods and ideas in sociology and in social policy.

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Spillover Effect in the Real World

On this beautiful morning a few weeks back, I presented our team’s study on vocational training to the public sector. I used a fun example of Star Wars characters to illustrate our data on the importance of communicating learning objectives between teachers, employers and students.

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A young man is using a saw while an older man works in the background

Education and training

Our new research shows apprentices who cancel their employment contracts do so because they often feel they are subjected to tough working conditions for little pay (undertaking menial, repetitive tasks and long hours), receiving little guidance about their progress on the job. How can behavioural science help?

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Education interviews

Our fieldwork was so much fun! Our partner organisation was phenomenal in recruiting a range of participants across the education sector. Almost too efficient – the first day we interviewed 12 people (over half our sample) and my wrists and eyes nearly fell off from notetaking! We studied how peer networks can help or hinder education to work experiences. We also discussed the types of support and encouragement available to students and at work and school. Continue reading Education interviews