A Brown South Asian woman holds up a piece of broken mirror over her face that shows her reflection

Presentation of self and remote work

I was talking with colleagues today about working from home and how we dress. This came up because they commented I am still dressing like I usually would – very bright and colourful and still accessorising. They thought this was strange and, curiously, needed me to know. It got me thinking about how different people have distinct relationships to their bodies and their ‘presentation of self,’ as we say in sociology.

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Drawing of people sitting in a restaurant

Assessing the Viability of an Applied Research Project

Today I reflect on an important meeting for one of our projects. We’ve had a lot of setbacks because we don’t have useful data sources or infrastructure to enable us to run a proper randomised control trial. I discuss one example of how we assess the viability of our projects, and what this activity looks like in the context of a typical day as an applied researcher.

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A racially diverse group of people have their hand up during a meeting

Presenting Information for Policy Audiences

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing my work journals, so you get another insight into the working life of applied social scientists! Today is typical day. I had to put together two different presentations: one about our research methods and the other one is about results from our field work.

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A person's shoes are shown from POV, standing over a puddle, where the person's outline is reflected

Reflections on Equity and Diversity Work

More insights on what it’s like squeezing in my personal research admist a long (paid) working day. I also discuss why I’m getting ready to give a talk about my professional experiences working in equity and diversity.

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