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Making Research Stick

Today was packed with challenges, met with valiance. Applied research is never easy. Sometimes compelling data and a statistically significant result aren’t enough to drive change. Instead, we may need to create a case to have findings and recommendations actioned. It can feel like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up a hill endlessly. But with good partners labouring by your side, hope for progress always prevails.

This was my day:

  • Constructively argued why we should publish research findings that keep getting pushed back. I did not win the battle. I have not given up and will try again in future.
  • I attended multiple meetings on Coronavirus (COVID-19). A few of us from our team are providing research and policy advice on how we might improve public health behaviours.
  • I prepared for two upcoming governance groups.
  • Together with my project partner from another agency, we pitched a new potential trial, based on our existing research. We’ll see where that lands in due time.

Onward and upward!

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