Woman standing in Sydney train station looking at her phone as blurred trains rush past on either side

Accessible Train Stations

There are 925 train stations in Australia but 1 in 4 can’t be accessed without assistance, plus a further 179 stations have other accessibility issues.

These signs below showed up on the doors of the lift at my local train station. I’m grateful that our facilities have improved but if you’ve been following me for awhile on Instagram, you’d know this lift was only put in less than a year ago, even though this station has four dozen steps leading to one of the busiest markets in Sydney. Before this, people with wheelchairs, prams and other needs were directed to travel to another station 15 minutes away for lift access.

Accessibility is a daily necessity and customers shouldn’t have to wait years for a lift.

lift with 2 large stickers. One says ‘One of 450+ accessible transport projects…’ the other says ‘Over 90% of public transport trips are now accessible’
Photo: Zuleyka Zevallos

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