Sign on a building reads: Liberty

Second chances

This was me en route to my stakeholder meeting! This is for our project on improving services and support for vulnerable people at risk of reoffending. This has been a massive project that I have loved working on. This group of people are underserved and yet over policed. They want a second chance after a life time caught up in the criminal justice system.

[Video shows people walking at the south tunnel of Central Station, Sydney]

I interviewed service providers, judges, lawyers, case workers, executives of not for profit groups, academic experts, and of course, people who participating in justice and rehabilitation programs. Everyone was so generous and thoughtful about how to improve programs to better serve people at risk.

We discussed the report I previously delivered and the next steps winding down the project. I’m very proud of our work.

People walking at Henry Deane Square, in Sydney
Photo: Zuleyka Zevallos

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