Protesters march through Sydney. Two people hold a large Aboriginal flag as they walk

Race and Identity

This is a summary of my recent social media writing about race and identity in Australia and the USA. This included my live tweets during the Sydney hostage siege as well as the Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter anti-police violence protests following the death of Eric Garner.

For some background on these issues, read my academic research on:

Otherwise, read on below to see my discussion of

  • Racism
  • White Privilege
  • Racism in Australia
  • Racism in the United States.


See all my tweets on racism 

White Privilege

Read my tweets on #WhitePrivilege


Sydney Siege

Read my live tweets during the #SydneySiege


Read all my tweets on Indigenous-Australians.

United States of America


Read all my tweets on Michael Brown’s death and the Ferguson protests.

Black Lives Matter

Read all my tweets on the #BlackLivesMatter protests, including my live tweeting during the announcement of the Eric Garner Grand Jury indictment decision.


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