A colourful wall with a sign that says: accessible entry

Intersectionality Action Plan

I spent most of the day finalising my feedback for the disability inclusion action plan for our sector, and sitting on a recruitment panel. Both of these activities involved active practice of intersectionality. That’s a concept that discribes how gender and race are interconnected with other forms of institutional disadvantage.

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Interview on My Sociological Practice

I’ve been interviewed for the Lady Science podcast. I talk about what sociology is, my career as an applied sociologist, and how Indigenous and other minority sociologists continue to challenge Western and colonial methods and ideas in sociology and in social policy.

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Aboriginal women speakers sit up front of an audience at Twitter Australia headquarters

NAIDOC Week 2018

This past week Australia celebrated NAIDOC Week, a time to reflect on the culture, history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This year’s theme was Because of Her We Can, putting the spotlight on Indigenous women’s central role in overlapping areas, from family, to community organisations, to social justice.

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Australian and Chinese Meals

I came here a couple of years ago, the food and service were nice, but this sign gets me: “Mandarin Palace. Australian & Chinese meals.” 100% of their food is Chinese. This place has been around a long time no doubt. I really wish Aussie people were more welcoming so we can just take for granted that migrant-Australians are Australians too, without having to qualify or deflect racism in everyday interactions. Or on restaurant signs. Continue reading Australian and Chinese Meals