Interview on My Sociological Practice

I’ve been interviewed for the Lady Science podcast. I talk about what sociology is, my career as an applied sociologist, and how Indigenous and other minority sociologists continue to challenge Western and colonial methods and ideas in sociology and in social policy.

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Aboriginal women speakers sit up front of an audience at Twitter Australia headquarters

NAIDOC Week 2018

This past week Australia celebrated NAIDOC Week, a time to reflect on the culture, history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This year’s theme was Because of Her We Can, putting the spotlight on Indigenous women’s central role in overlapping areas, from family, to community organisations, to social justice.

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Ellen Ochoa First Latin Woman to be Inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame

Dr Ellen Ochoa, a Mexican-American scientist with a PhD in electrical engineering, was the first Latina in space. Twenty-four years later, on May 19 2017, having already been awarded NASA’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal, she’ll be inducted into the USA Astronaut Hall of Fame. Dr Ochoa was raised by her single mother and four siblings. Her parents faced intense racism while they were growing up in Arizona, USA. Her father Joseph “felt the sting of rampant discrimination against Hispanics, for example Hispanics were only allowed to use the public pool the day before cleaning because it was felt … Continue reading Ellen Ochoa First Latin Woman to be Inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame

Creating Real Choice for Women at Work

Sociologist Professor Barbara Pocock’s book “The Work/Life Collision” has been influential throughout my career. I taught Professor Pocock’s research for years at Swinburne University while I was still a lecturer/tutor; this book informed my thinking when I worked in social policy research; and I draw on her work still.

Professor Pocock talks about how Governments frame women’s paid and unpaid labour as a “choice,” which is ultimately damaging as it puts the burden of managing domestic labour, caring for self and family, and careers all on individual women.

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Protesters march through Sydney. Two people hold a large Aboriginal flag as they walk

Race and Identity

This is a summary of my recent social media writing about race and identity in Australia and the USA. This included my live tweets during the Sydney hostage siege as well as the Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter anti-police violence protests following the death of Eric Garner.

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Black Women Mentors in Science

The overall motivation for my desire to see more Black women as mentors in science is not self-centered. I believe that science needs the perspectives, ideas, and creativity that can only result from diversification. As more underrepresented women and men of color are offered positions, more of them will take up roles as PIs, research advisors and administrators, and I am certain that more of my needs and those of others like me will be met. In order to navigate a career that I love, but that requires years of exhaustive training and that comes with no guarantee of financial … Continue reading Black Women Mentors in Science

Typewriter with a piece of paper that says: EQUALITY

How to Promote Gender Equality in Your Workplace

A forthcoming international survey of 240,000 workers by Barbara Annis shows that women feel professional exclusion in their workplaces, while men remain unaware that there’s a problem. Men resort to expressing old fashioned chivalry like opening doors and offering to pay for lunch, thinking this makes women feel more comfortable and appreciated. In fact, it is the way that men exclude women from promotional opportunities, meetings, and mentorship that is a problem for women.

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