Quote of the Week: Look Beyond Gender

Your Social Science Quote of the Week is about looking beyond gender narratives. Writing for Slate, psychology PhD student Jane Hu called out poor media reporting of social science research. She shows that it can adversely affect girls and women, including  everything from gender equality  at work to patterns of domestic violence:

By reinforcing gender stereotypes and roles, the media affects people’s perception of women. Study after study has shown that pre-teens and teens learn about gender and sex from the media, and adults, too, subconsciously take those messages to heart. Gender stereotypes disrupt girls’ behaviour on social media sites, limit women’s perceived possible career paths, and bias women’s chances of winning an election…


Beyond gender narratives
“Writers, we need to stay vigilant and look beyond the easy gender narratives. Readers deserve better.” – Jane Hu, psychologist. Quote via Slate. Image by SSI


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