An Asian woman and white man sit at a table. She's smiling with her laptop open

Using Social Media With Your Team

Social media is an indispensable tool in increasing your customer reach, but have you thought about how social media design can improve your internal innovation? Don’t just invest in beautiful social media for external use. Employees are integral to social media success.  Employees who feel valued by their company will be happy, healthier and more productive, as well as being more likely to share positive social media about their company in their private networks.

Apart from upholding your duty of care as an ethical employer, keep employees engaged by improving your workplace culture with the help of social media. A Gallup poll finds that 81% of engaged workers are more likely to give their employer’s products and services a positive recommendation in comparison to only 18% of actively disengaged workers. Similarly, the 2012 Global Workforce Study surveyed 32,000 workers in 29 countries. It finds that “highly engaged” workers are people who are given the autonomy to contribute towards their work goals. They feel their employer supports productivity and they believe their workplace promotes wellbeing.

Social media will help you support your employee’s interests as well as encouraging them to keep up to date on developments in your industry.

Use social media to ignite your employee’s passion! You can set up private blogs so that your team members can share their insights from workshops, client meetings and other events.

You can also set up a private social media messaging system using Evernote or HootSuite, or a private community via Facebook or Google+. This would help your employees discuss interesting articles and videos that are relevant to your business, while also encouraging team members to be creative.

Social media offers visually rich designs that can enrich the presentation of information. It makes sense to use social media to grow your team’s innovation!

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