Aggression Theory

The Frustration-Aggression Theory by Adena Rottenstein, Alexis Strouse, University of Michigan, of the Psychology of Disability Organisation.

I’m interested in audio-visual representations of social science and advancing visual sociology in particular. This is a stick figure animation of aggression theory that cites Dollard and colleagues’ (1939) paper ‘Frustration and aggression’ and Green (2001) ‘Human aggression’. The idea conveyed is very basic but still highly effective for conveying complex behaviour in a simplified way. This is ideal for teaching new students or for introducing non-social-science clients/experts to social theory. Sociologists would explain aggression differently (socio-cultural context, social learning, social norms, regulation by social institutions, and so on). Nevertheless, I would like to see sociology use animation and other visual tools more regularly. Some sociology examples to follow.

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