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Twitter Tips for Not-for-Profits

Not-for-profit organisations still have a tendency to be reticent to fully embrace social media. For some it’s due to lack of funds, time or resources, for others it’s lack of confidence about technology. As not-for-profits are sometimes staffed by volunteers, social media duties may be handed to junior staff who aren’t adequately trained, or it’s otherwise done ad hoc by personnel who are looking after social media in additional to their main job.

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Find Your Professional Voice on Twitter

Find Your Professional Voice on TwitterMany small to medium businesses haven’t stopped to plan their social media plan before they launch on Twitter. While they see it’s important to have an online presence, the typical mistakes they make all revolve around the fact that they don’t have a professional communication strategy.

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Being a Black Woman and Public Social Scientist

Dr Robin Nelson is a biological anthropologist and a wonderful public scientist. Speaking with NPR, she reflects on why it’s important for her to share her academic training to talk about women’s issues on Twitter. She also addresses the professional and safety issues she faces as a woman of colour. “I rarely identify as a feminist alone, as I am ever aware of the markedness of Blackness. Thus, with every tweet I am concerned about the ramifications, the blowback from living my politics in an unbounded public space. It feels professionally and personally risky to simply speak the truth of … Continue reading Being a Black Woman and Public Social Scientist

Does Technology Shape Social Revolution?

“Social technologies also facilitate communities — that is, they enable people to connect up who might not otherwise have connected… It also allows the formation of strong social bonds; how strong they are compared to real-life communities remains debated, but in the Middle East they have been strong enough to inspire people to risk their lives together. But that’s different from causation, different from the factors that change the risk equation for people to decide it is worth risking their safety in the streets. The technologies aren’t as important as what is driving people to put themselves in harm’s way, whether it … Continue reading Does Technology Shape Social Revolution?

How Can Social Science Help Governments Manage Social Media?

Social science offers sophisticated methods for governments to better understand social media. Social scientists are using established research techniques to improve meaningful collection of social data via social media. The London School of Economics & Political Science argues that social … Continue reading How Can Social Science Help Governments Manage Social Media?