Find Your Professional Voice on Twitter

Find Your Professional Voice on TwitterMany small to medium businesses haven’t stopped to plan their social media plan before they launch on Twitter. While they see it’s important to have an online presence, the typical mistakes they make all revolve around the fact that they don’t have a professional communication strategy.

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Being a Black Woman and Public Social Scientist

Dr Robin Nelson is a biological anthropologist and a wonderful public scientist. Speaking with NPR, she reflects on why it’s important for her to share her academic training to talk about women’s issues on Twitter. She also addresses the professional and safety issues she faces as a woman of colour. “I rarely identify as a feminist alone, as I am ever aware of the markedness of Blackness. Thus, with every tweet I am concerned about the ramifications, the blowback from living my politics in an unbounded public space. It feels professionally and personally risky to simply speak the truth of … Continue reading Being a Black Woman and Public Social Scientist

Protesters march through Sydney. Two people hold a large Aboriginal flag as they walk

Race and Identity

This is a summary of my recent social media writing about race and identity in Australia and the USA. This included my live tweets during the Sydney hostage siege as well as the Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter anti-police violence protests following the death of Eric Garner.

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Social Media Tip: Your WordPress Username

This Social Media Tip is about how to change your WordPress username. I’ve been asked about this more than once. Your username serves two purposes. First, it’s your website administrator login (the “back end”). Second, it’s the public name that will appear on your blog and other places online (the “front end”). There are two ways to change your Username. 1. Keep the same login and simply change your public display name. I recommend this option for most users. Go to Dashboard> Profile > My Public Profile. Scroll to “Display name publicly as” and enter your name the way you want. Then click the … Continue reading Social Media Tip: Your WordPress Username

An Asian woman and white man sit at a table. She's smiling with her laptop open

Using Social Media With Your Team

Social media is an indispensable tool in increasing your customer reach, but have you thought about how social media design can improve your internal innovation? Don’t just invest in beautiful social media for external use. Employees are integral to social media success.  Employees who feel valued by their company will be happy, healthier and more productive, as well as being more likely to share positive social media about their company in their private networks.

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