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Water Mismanagement Impacting Aboriginal Communities

Racist policies are making remote Aboriginal communities sick. At least three communities in Central Australia have levels of uranium in drinking water that exceed health guidelines, with dozens more not meeting good quality. “It’s an international scandal that this is … Continue reading Water Mismanagement Impacting Aboriginal Communities

Indigenous Australians, Justice & Language Translation

Common law does not require people are given access to an interpreter but legal cases show that use of interpreters does not always lead to an accurate and fair presentation of evidence in court. This is especially problematic for Indigenous Australians who speak diverse languages that don’t necessarily translate well through the mouths of a poorly trained interpreter.

Indigenous Australian Justice.
Photo: Zuleyka Zevallos. Street art: Adnate.

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Social Science Quote: Tolerance

The social science quote of the week is about building more tolerant and just societies. It’s also the last post for 2014! It’s inspired by J. David Tàbara, Associate Senior Researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and member of the Global Climate Forum in Berlin. Writing for the International Sociological Association, Tàbara argues: “Social scientists are not only indispensable to build more tolerant, open and diverse societies but, above all in the present predicament, to develop the necessary global intelligence which is urgently required to adequately reflect and cope with our rapidly unequal changing world.” Best wishes for the festive season for … Continue reading Social Science Quote: Tolerance

Social Science Quote of the Week: Political Equality.

Your Social Science Quote of the Week is by Sociology Professor Professor Danielle Allen. In Beyond Integration: Building a Connected Society, Allen argues that political equality is founded upon economic justice and social equality, which she defines as “connected institutions and services” informed by social science. Continue reading Social Science Quote of the Week: Political Equality.