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Entrepreneurship and Religion

A study of 1,700 Americans finds that entrepreneurs pray twice as much as the general public: more than half pray at least once daily, and one third pray multiple times per day. Entrepreneurs are also more likely to say they feel a personal connection to God “who is interested in their problems and affairs.”

The study finds that entrepreneurs also tend to attend religious services in churches that encourage business and profit-making, which some of the larger organised religions do not.  Entrepreneurs are celebrated as risk takers and extroverts. Religious people are typically painted as conservative and risk-adverse. How do these findings reconcile these two phenomena?

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Why Women’s Leadership is a Business Asset

By Zuleyka Zevallos, PhD

Social science studies find that male bosses are more likely to judge the competence of women managers using a skewed view on gender. In practice, this means organisations are missing out on a proactive approach to leadership.

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What is social science?

Social science helps to improve people’s lives by addressing health, education, business and other fields. In particular, it provides tools to measure social dynamics. That is, it provides insight about how societies and social relationships work. Social science integrates nature and the environment as well as individual will, the mind, and community relationships.

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