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Website Woes

I had Friday off. I ran around doing errands and I spent the day in Newtown. It was lovely! The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed, though I also worked a little on my personal research. I hope to be able to tell you about that soon. In addition, there was a big technical hiccup to attend to.

This period of rest was a little soured by having to deal with technical maintenance. I have recently migrated two of my websites to WordPress (this one, and Sociology at Work). It meant exporting everything from my old content management system. It’s part of a long process I’ve been undertaking on and off for the past year, consolidating my online portfolio.

Late on Saturday, I receive an email from a reader saying that she’d bookmarked one of my most popular articles on personality and communication styles. She had assigned it as reading for a leadership course that she’s running. She was desperately trying to find my blog post again. When I checked it, sure enough, that webpage was down.

It turns out that when I migrated my content, I somehow unpublished some of my most visited web pages from this very blog, Social Science Insights. It’s a pain, but I now have to do an audit of what’s missing and republish everything.

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