Post-Brexit World

“In a post-Brexit world in which funding falls, jobs decline, pressure on departments increases and European academics find it harder to meet residency requirements, people will be victims of unkindness. They will be pushed to do more work than they can bear and told to feel grateful for it; they may also suffer even more than they already do on racist and sexist grounds. It will be easy to smile at them in the corridor and commiserate over their marking load – and these will be good things to do. But it will be harder to be kind: to step in where we see injustices, to speak up for each other, to make the time to find out how someone is really doing and what we can do to make it better.” – Dr Rachel Moss, lecturer in late medieval history at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford.

In a post-brexit world. – Dr Rachel Moss via Times Higher Education

Quote: Times Higher Education. Image: SSI.

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