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Ending Sexual Harassment

Last weekend, I gave a talk on “Ending Sexual Harassment in Science, Technology and Maths (STEM) and Academia,” at Kiwi Foo, in Auckland, New Zealand. The discussion was really wonderful, with many thoughful stories shared about experiences of harassment and how to take collective action. In particular, we talked about how men can be better allies to women and femmes.

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Ageing Positively: How Technology Can Help

Western societies have dramatically changed the way we see ageing. Getting older once meant prestige: a special status and social influence within a community. This has declined in modern times, as societies became increasingly obsessed with youth. As advanced societies face an increasingly older age structure, we have started to look for social policy solutions to improve “positive ageing.”

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Sociology of technology

Here is a good article on the historical and social influences on technology adoption. Science Professor Bernard Carlson, (University of Virginia, USA) tells engineering students: “they are going to produce sociotechnical systems,“ meaning they need to understand how people “interact with technology.”

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