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Services for Vulnerable People

I presented on our project seeking to improve services for vulnerable people who are at risk of recidivism. The questions from the audience were interesting, from specifics about our methods, to how we can encourage conservative organisations to go through the cultural change required to adopt our recommendations.⠀

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Education interviews

Our fieldwork was so much fun! Our partner organisation was phenomenal in recruiting a range of participants across the education sector. Almost too efficient – the first day we interviewed 12 people (over half our sample) and my wrists and eyes nearly fell off from notetaking! We studied how peer networks can help or hinder education to work experiences. We also discussed the types of support and encouragement available to students and at work and school. Continue reading Education interviews

As Long as Poverty and Inequality Persist in Our World

‘As long as poverty and inequality persist in our world…’ In the month of August, people who are homeless occupied one of Sydney’s most famous sites, Martin Square, to protest lack of secure, affordable housing.

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Race and Dating

A couple of weeks a go, I filmed an interview on race and dating with intelligent, funny and generous women, Santilla Chingaipe and Kaila Perusco. The interview was for Conscious Dating Co, who assembled an awesome crew. Lots of thoughtful discussion of sexual racism, meaningful relationships, how to address structural and unconscious bias in Australia, and much more.  We filmed at Parliament on King, a luscious little Sydney cafe with wonderful hosts and yummy catering. This book lovers’ heaven made a beautiful set!   Continue reading Race and Dating

High Court Recognises Third Gender Category

In June 2013, I wrote about Norrie, a transgender woman from New South Wales (pictured above), who had successfully petitioned The New South Wales Court of Appeal to be given the right not to list her gender as either male or female.  Predictably, this New South Wales decision had been appealed and it went to the High Court. This morning, they ruled that New South Wales law can indeed recognise non-specific genders other than male or female.  See the legal document below. High Court ruling: NSW Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages v Norrie   Photo and news: SBS News. Continue reading High Court Recognises Third Gender Category