High Court Recognises Third Gender Category

In June 2013, I wrote about Norrie, a transgender woman from New South Wales (pictured above), who had successfully petitioned The New South Wales Court of Appeal to be given the right not to list her gender as either male or female.  Predictably, this New South Wales decision had been appealed and it went to the High Court. This morning, they ruled that New South Wales law can indeed recognise non-specific genders other than male or female.  See the legal document below. High Court ruling: NSW Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages v Norrie   Photo and news: SBS News. Continue reading High Court Recognises Third Gender Category

Discrimination costs more than you know

Black stockbrokers in America have won a $160M lawsuit against their employer whom they say ran their business like a university “fraternity.” White employees were given better conditions and opportunity for advancement plus they got all the new clients.

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A packed crowd in a stadium

Social Science of Crowds

Social policy makers can benefit from ongoing applied research into the social behaviour of crowds. This is partly about planning, such as management of landscapes, improving infrastructure, decreasing traffic congestion and so on. This is also because local communities need to improve social service delivery.

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