Last Day

This was the last day of fieldwork in Dubbo and plans did not go as expected. Nevertheless it a very busy day, going from one cafe to the next, typing up notes and catching up on project planning and other work. I took over a second large project after a senior colleague left (which is why I went on two back to back fieldwork trips), but as it turns out another two projects also need my leadership. After this, I flew from Dubbo to Sydney, then to the North Coast. Continue reading Last Day

Education interviews

Our fieldwork was so much fun! Our partner organisation was phenomenal in recruiting a range of participants across the education sector. Almost too efficient – the first day we interviewed 12 people (over half our sample) and my wrists and eyes nearly fell off from notetaking! We studied how peer networks can help or hinder education to work experiences. We also discussed the types of support and encouragement available to students and at work and school. Continue reading Education interviews

Writing for Policy

I spent two days at a training course, which was about writing more effectively for policy audiences. There were many useful tips about how to simplify expression so that stakeholders can better understand decisions and so leaders might support our desired outcomes. We analysed our writing to make expression clear, to be precise in our meaning, and more succinct. Day two was especially fun as it was more interactive. They presented data and case studies showing that at least one third of writing can be simplified, and up to two thirds of unnecessary words can be edited out. As we … Continue reading Writing for Policy