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Hecticness of Leave

I’m on leave. The day before I went on leave, everybody wanted everything from me, because I was going on leave, even though I’m only away for three business days. In order to go on leave, I had to deal with a request for a “quick trial,” providing advice on null results, and managing staff remotely.

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Planning Research

When you get a PhD, no one tells you how much of your research career will be spent doing admin, planning, and meetings! Today was a day filled with an abundance of these auxiliary tasks that keep research projects running on time and within allocated resourcing. From ethics, to stakeholder meetings about our research, to public communications, and getting ready for our intern, it was a packed day.

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Kindness and the Ethic of Care

In a 2012 national survey of over 2,000 Australians, a team of sociologists found that 95% of people believe that being kind to one another is highly important. A slightly higher percentage of people said they saw themselves as a kind person (97%) and most said they performed an act of kindness at least weekly (90%). Most say that Australian people are kind (82%).

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How to Improve Ethics in your Workplace

John Roberts from the University of Cambridge shows that the public’s mistrust of corporate ethics is not a given. It exists because many businesses are perceived to only pay lip service to corporate responsibility. Roberts writes:

“Corporate policy is now no longer purely an external presentation of corporate good appearances managed by a few. Instead, new disciplinary regimes within and beyond the firm seek to make a different or wider range of relevances play upon the minds of people at every level of the corporate hierarchy.”

"Like any social relationship businesses are ethical." - John Roberts
“Like any social relationship businesses are ethical.” – John Roberts

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