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Meetings, Accountability and Careers

I had a really great outcome I am eager to share with you. I will also encourage you to explore public information and accountability avenues, and discuss how you can get a job in a specialist policy team. Finally, how much do you know about Sydney? Test your knowledge on the quiz at the end of this post!

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Planning Research

When you get a PhD, no one tells you how much of your research career will be spent doing admin, planning, and meetings! Today was a day filled with an abundance of these auxiliary tasks that keep research projects running on time and within allocated resourcing. From ethics, to stakeholder meetings about our research, to public communications, and getting ready for our intern, it was a packed day.

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Approvals for Applied Research

Last week was very challenging and I’m exhausted. As I’ve previously discussed, an applied research project requires several levels of executive approval that take at least two months, on top of ethics and other planning. This is not the same as academics, who can carry out whatever research they desire, without requiring any managerial approval. (If they’re doing primary research, however, including on humans, they will need ethics clearance, as do we.)

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Reality of Managing Research

Today was a huge day with back to back meetings because we’re moving from planning our methodology into testing the reality of implementation. In other words: we know what we want to test based on the research literature and our fieldwork, but how do we actually do this? Unlike many academic studies, we don’t test in a lab with ideal participants (most behavioural research is carried out on university students!). We deliver behavioural change interventions and measure outcomes with a representative sample of the population.

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Writing an Executive Email

I drafted the email it’s going up to our executives seeking endorsement of our latest randomised control trial. It’s one of many steps that we still need to take before we can proceed and it’ll probably be two months before we get secretary sign off (the final approval before we can begin preparing to go into the field).

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