Google+ Tip: How to Invite Experts from Outside Google+ into a Hangout

Google+ Hangouts lets you video chat with multiple people and your videos are automatically recorded and uploaded onto YouTube. This is an innovative way to connect experts with audiences. It’s especially useful for public education.

You can have your followers ask questions ahead of time by creating an event page that will synch up with your calendar and send reminders to people who RSVP ( You can invite entire groups from your Google+ circles easily. The feature is also supposed to let you invite people who aren’t on Google+ to video chat using only their email. Unfortunately, the email invite feature doesn’t always work.

I’ve had it fail a couple of times when I’ve sent Hangout invites from a page. Until the system is fixed, it’s better to email your guests the URL link from the top of the browser. 

New to Hangouts? Find out how to run them using this excellent and detailed guide by Fraser Cain: You can see a Google promo to see Google+ in action:

Solution via Google Groups:

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