Ageing Positively: How Technology Can Help

Western societies have dramatically changed the way we see ageing. Getting older once meant prestige: a special status and social influence within a community. This has declined in modern times, as societies became increasingly obsessed with youth. As advanced societies face an increasingly older age structure, we have started to look for social policy solutions to improve “positive ageing.”

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Innovation Through Social Science

Social scientists are trained to think critically. This doesn’t mean in the colloquial sense. This is about learning a suite of scientific methodologies for framing questions, collecting and analysing evidence and making recommendations.

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How Can Social Science Help Governments Manage Social Media?

Social science offers sophisticated methods for governments to better understand social media. Social scientists are using established research techniques to improve meaningful collection of social data via social media. The London School of Economics & Political Science argues that social … Continue reading How Can Social Science Help Governments Manage Social Media?

A packed crowd in a stadium

Social Science of Crowds

Social policy makers can benefit from ongoing applied research into the social behaviour of crowds. This is partly about planning, such as management of landscapes, improving infrastructure, decreasing traffic congestion and so on. This is also because local communities need to improve social service delivery.

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