Expectations of a Close Friend

William Rawlins, the Stocker Professor of Interpersonal Communication at Ohio University, speaks about his research on interpersonal communication and friendship across the life course:

“I’ve listened to someone as young as 14 and someone as old as 100 talk about their close friends, and [there are] three expectations of a close friend that I hear people describing and valuing across the entire life course. Somebody to talk to, someone to depend on, and someone to enjoy. These expectations remain the same, but the circumstances under which they’re accomplished change.”

Managing Rudeness at Work

Psychologists find that experiencing rudeness at work from customers and colleagues increases absenteeism and decreases sales performance. That doesn’t mean that managers can’t step in and improve things. Psychologist Michael Leiter says:

“A big part of the intervention is just to get people to talk about their relationships rather than just getting ticked off with people and complaining to their friends… That’s part of your professional responsibility: to maintain good working relationships just like you maintain equipment and report breakdowns… You don’t have to wait until people get cynical or quit in disgust; it’s something management can do something about.”
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Social Science Quote of the Week: Failure and Learning

Your Social Science Quote of the Week comes from Jennifer Riel, associate director of the Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking at the University of Toronto. Riel writes: “We fail to create, because creativity brings with it the chance of failure, and failure is bad. It is dangerous to our ego and our livelihood. Yet, we know failure is crucial to learning – the key to embracing failure is to build opportunities for failure, and revision, into the innovation process as early as possible. Build rough prototypes and get testing, rather than waiting late into the process. The earlier you fail, the … Continue reading Social Science Quote of the Week: Failure and Learning