A room full of majority white people are listening to a woman speak about something seemingly serious

How Social Science Can Improve Executive Relationships

French researcher Jacqueline Fendt argues that academic research on businesses is not practical enough in its focus. She argues that management education would be improved with a stronger focus on the everyday realities of Executives.

She also advocates using more qualitative research methods and case studies, rather than statistical surveys. This would improve in-depth understanding of how management is actually carried out in the real world. So how do social scientists carry out this type of work? One method we use is called ethnography.

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Improving Health & Life Expectancy

The global life expectancy is 70 years; this is the average life span for Indigenous Australians though it’s almost 80 years for other Australians. It’s much lower in developing nations largely due to noncommunicable diseases. One in eight of these deaths affects children under five years. Most of these preventable infant deaths occur in developing countries; 74% of which are in Africa and South-East Asia. How does social science help improve life expectancy? By examining health risks amongst vulnerable populations and addressing inequalities that impact wellbeing.

Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.
Don’t regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

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A white woman with a stethoscope smiles at a Black woman patient

How to Empower Patients

I’m going to start doing shorter blog posts along with my usual longer analyses. These quick posts will be part of my Social Science Snack series, which will show how research can improve business, the community sector and social media.  My aim is to write about social science research in a way that makes the academic language and ideas more widely accessible. I also focus on providing solutions to specific organisational problems.

Today’s Social Science Snack is about how community health services might empower patients.

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