A Black woman shows a Black man how to do something on his computer

How Action Research Can Strengthen Community Services

Action research is a methodology where researchers consult with communities in a more inclusive way, by listening to their concerns directly, rather than simply relying on government and agency directives. Action research also involves community members and stakeholders in all steps of the research process, from the types of questions asked and the way in which the issues are investigated.

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Social Science Quote of the Week: Political Equality.

Your Social Science Quote of the Week is by Sociology Professor Professor Danielle Allen. In Beyond Integration: Building a Connected Society, Allen argues that political equality is founded upon economic justice and social equality, which she defines as “connected institutions and services” informed by social science. Continue reading Social Science Quote of the Week: Political Equality.

A white woman with a stethoscope smiles at a Black woman patient

How to Empower Patients

I’m going to start doing shorter blog posts along with my usual longer analyses. These quick posts will be part of my Social Science Snack series, which will show how research can improve business, the community sector and social media.  My aim is to write about social science research in a way that makes the academic language and ideas more widely accessible. I also focus on providing solutions to specific organisational problems.

Today’s Social Science Snack is about how community health services might empower patients.

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