Social Science Quote of the Week: Diversity

This week’s Social Science Quote comes from Sociology Professor Martin Ruef. Ruef has studied why some small businesses succeed while others fail. Looking at historical data, he finds that two variables matter most to business success: social support and diversity. Diversity can include cultural, occupational or socio-economic differences. The crucial point is knowing how to manage and resolve conflict. Get more social science quotes and tips on our Instagram @SocialScienceInsights Continue reading Social Science Quote of the Week: Diversity

Improving Corporate Diversity Programs

This week I discus the importance of monitoring diversity at different levels.

Diversity programs in the corporate world are failing. Tyronne Stoudemire, senior diversity consultant says that diversity programs become stagnant, rather than “mixing it up” at every level, including amongst Executives. Harvard University Professor of Sociology Frank Dobbin explains that the lack of diversity in upper echelons of corporate organisations happens because Human Resources focus on hiring but not on promoting talented workers of diverse cultural and gender backgrounds. A better model is for managers & CEOs to monitor progress through a diversity taskforce.

"Organizations are diverse, but the diversity stays at the bottom. You're not promoting; you're not advancing. You've got to mix it up."
“Organizations are diverse, but the diversity stays at the bottom. You’re not promoting; you’re not advancing. You’ve got to mix it up.”

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A dozen women are lined up in an office, smiling

Why Women’s Leadership is a Business Asset

By Zuleyka Zevallos, PhD

Social science studies find that male bosses are more likely to judge the competence of women managers using a skewed view on gender. In practice, this means organisations are missing out on a proactive approach to leadership.

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Typewriter with a piece of paper that says: EQUALITY

How to Promote Gender Equality in Your Workplace

A forthcoming international survey of 240,000 workers by Barbara Annis shows that women feel professional exclusion in their workplaces, while men remain unaware that there’s a problem. Men resort to expressing old fashioned chivalry like opening doors and offering to pay for lunch, thinking this makes women feel more comfortable and appreciated. In fact, it is the way that men exclude women from promotional opportunities, meetings, and mentorship that is a problem for women.

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Work to live or live to work? Social science shows what employees want

Studies show that most employees are unhappy with the way they’re under-utilised at work and with the break down of trust in their organisations. Many workers feel their employers lack integrity. With an ageing workforce on the rise, people feel increasingly pressured to delay their retirement.

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A white man frowns as a white woman is talking to him and pointing to a book

Making the most of personality and communication styles within business

Today’s post provides an overview of the key personality types that are used in management training and in team building exercises. I will then talk about some of the limitations of applying personality types too strictly within organisations. I’ll discuss how managers and leaders can adopt a more flexible model of personality types to improve how their team members communicate with one another, which in turn will boost their team contributions at work.

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