Protesters carry signs with the Aboriginal flag. One sign says: No pride in genocide. Another says: Always was always will be Aboriginal land!

Indigenous Sociology for Social Impact

This week I attended the Indigenous Sociology for Social Impact workshop convened by Associate Professor Kathleen Butler, who has written extensively about what it means to be an Aboriginal woman in Australian sociology.

Professor Butler invited Indigenous and non Indigenous sociologists to discuss the racism in our discipline that is unnamed but directly impacting on the educational and career outcomes of Indigenous scholars.

Prof Butler did an inspired job of bringing together researchers from very different career pathways and practices. Prof Butler used a methodology drawing on Aboriginal yarning circles to allow open ended discussion and ideas to flow easily.

This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended with strong, honest anti-racist critical analysis not catered to white sensibilities and good will to keep the momentum going. Can’t wait to do more. You can see my live tweeting of the event on my Twitter (@OtherSociology), using #IndiginisingSoc

I’ll also be writing a blog post on my contribution for the University of New South Wales.

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