Training is an investment in business and community development. Social Science Insights provides various training packages on social, cultural and organisational issues as well as social media use. Enhance leadership and corporate culture through evidence-based approaches. Support your team by being proactice on equity, inclusion and accessibility programs.


  • Information-needs analysis to identify corporate gaps in skills and knowledge
  • Gender equity and diversity management
  • Intercultural awareness
  • Personality types and interpersonal communication
  • Mediation
  • Executive coaching and corporate development on managing workplace difference
  • Diversity awareness programs tailor-made for your company requirements
  • Corporate ethics
  • Social media use for senior executives and staff
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Community dialogue


  • Programs targeting your business strengths
  • Upskilling your team to better utilise skills and improve morale
  • Enhanced communication tools for all levels of staff, from new recruits to senior executives
  • Workplace that is proactive on accessibility and inclusion
  • Mindful use of social media 
  • Education to support participation and leadership progression of women and minorities

Leadership and corporate culture

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

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